City to pick up leaves on designated days

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Monday October 18th

Streets:  1st Ave North East to Ouellette

Avenues:  Boulevard to East Water


Tuesday October 19th

Streets:  Ouellette East to Marcella

Avenues:  North East Boulevard to North East Main


Wednesday October 20th

Streets:  Main to Pine

Avenues:  6th Ave South West to 15th Ave South


Thursday October 21st

Streets:  Main to Brassey

Avenues:  2nd Ave South West to 6th Ave South


Friday October 22nd

Streets:  Brassey to Belden

Avenues:  2nd Ave S West to 7th Ave South


Monday October 25th

Bonanza Hills Addition

Tindall Addition


Tuesday October 26th

Streets:  Main to Evelyn

Avenues:  Wendell East to 7th Ave North


Wednesday October 27th

Streets Evelyn to Ohio

Avenues:  Entrance East to 7th Ave North


Thursday October 28th

Streets:  Broadway to Ohio

Avenues: 7th Ave North East to 1st Ave North

We will not be returning after your leaves have been picked up on your scheduled date.  Please have your leaves to the street prior to scheduled pickup.  Schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.  If we arrive earlier than the scheduled day do not be alarmed, we will be back at the scheduled date.  Please do not leave anything parked on the street on the scheduled date.  Leaves can also be brought to the compost bin located next to the Wastewater Treatment Plant at the end of Crowley Avenue.